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Two Grilled Cheeses

and a chocolate frappe

This journal is all locked up. If I haven't given you access, but there's something you need to know from me, please shoot me a message.

I use the name Quil on the internet, and have since 2004. It doesn't mean anything and it isn't short for anything.
"i-thou" relationships, "that's numberwang!", a permanent insomnia cure, absurdism, ancient egypt, animal behavior, animal people, anthropology, bast, big cats, biology, celtic music, charles de lint, climbing, comedy that doesn't suck, common sense, complicated political beliefs, conlangs, creepy old ballads, democratic socialism, diana wynne jones, electric folk, environmentalism, feline body language, feline gods, felinity, feminism, folk magic, folklore, going barefoot, hermes trismegistus, hiking alone, hiking in the dark, improving mediocre photography skills, kemetic reconstructionism, language/linguistics/literature!, large quantities of tea, large-scale painting, learning, leopards, liminality and liminal archetypes, lucid dreaming, magic, magical theory, maple sugar candy, mathematical quilting, meinong's jungle, mythology, mythopoesis, nanowrimo, philosophy, etc., polytheism, pro-choice, queer rights, quite interesting, reading tarot nontraditionally, rock climbing, seasonal affective disorder, shapeshifters, shutting up when necessary, stargazing (dark rural skies), surrealism, teaching kids art, the word "thinky", theatre and theatricality, theatre instead of theater, theatre of the absurd, theology, therianthropy, thinking for myself, trans, trans-friendly feminism, transgender, transsexuality, unschooling, urban/low fantasy, wicker men, writing, writing pretty good papers